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Content targeting
Based on the type of content being consumed, categories including on the go, lifestyle, health, entertainment, and more.
Demographic targeting
Using demographic attributes such as age, gender, education, household, income.
Based on the current location of users, by geographical coordinates. Reach your audience hyperlocal.
Make your ads more relevant by targeting them on certain hours or days.
Weather targeting
By delivering ads that are based either upon a temperature range or the current conditions, you can double the ad’s effectiveness. Based on a range of weather conditions, current temperature, wind speeds and humidity.
In-APP targeting
With our SDK we are able to target on app specific information, such as travel destinations, keywords, lat/lon coordinates, device id.
Frequency targeting
This allows you to control the frequency of advertising exposure and thus avoid media waste.
Device/OS targeting
Show your ads to iPhone/Android/Tablet/Desktop/Chrome users etc.
Connection type targeting
Reach people based on the type of network connection they tend to use on their device.