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World Class Service
We are more than a network, we are a true publisher revenue partner. Our experienced team is always available to help publishers make the very best decisions.
Maximizing Revenues
We believe that we can earn the most advertising revenue possible for our partners, beginning with using the right formats and placements. Our dedicated sales professionals connect with the main media buyers,agencies, trading desks and mobile exchanges. Maximizing & optimizing your revenue, that's our mission.
Brand Safety
We are committed to ensuring a safe & effective advertising experience for our partners. Because we only work with premium, well known brands and content, brand safety is guaranteed.
Transparency & Monitoring
Our publisher platform is a professional, fully transparent and advanced tool that enhances your revenue stream and puts you in the driver’s seat. You are able to follow your revenues 24/7 on your smartphone, tablet or computer.
Easy to setup
Drive more mobile ad revenue through one simple integration. Hassle free. Our support team is there to help you.
Happier Users
We are able to target our creative, interactive ads so ads become relevant for your valuable users. We do not want to disrupt them, making them happy is our goal.

Why ubifish?

  • Relevant ads
  • Get paid fast
  • Reporting & Transparency
  • Service & Support
  • Mobile technology and knowledge